Our 40,000 square foot facility in Pico Rivera, California has over three million pounds of cooler and freezer capacity. The facility also has a blast freezer which is capable of taking 40,000 pounds of meat from 36 degrees to 0 degrees in less than twenty-four hours.


• Fresh or frozen
• Wet aging available
• Processing Beef, Poultry, Pork, Veal, Lamb and Venison
• Foodservice bulk and potion-controlled patties grinding for hamburger
• 1200 specific items with production specifications set up produced to NAMI or client’s specifications
• Hand-cut portion control steaks, also produce cutlets, diced, cubed, kabobs, skirts ,and chops
• Seasoning and marinating capabilities to client’s specifications
• Flexibility to process small or large single run batches depending on customer’s volume
• Food Safety / HACCP / USDA / Covid precautions / accountability / product tracing / in place
• Specific USDA Certified and branding programs available for Angus, Grass Fed, Organic, All Natural, Antibiotic Free
• Can customize spice and flavor profile solutions
• In-house R&D team

Food Safety

Food Safety is the #1 priority for everyone at AMC, from plant floor to mid management to CEO’s office.

Our food safety and quality team are passionate about making safe and wholesome food. AMC teams have intense, daily focus on, not only meeting, but exceeding our customers’ and consumers’ expectations. Our team is committed in maintaining intense focus on food products’ integrity, that includes, but is not limited to food safety, quality, and legality.

Food safety team focuses on daily involvement in HACCP, inspections, internal audits, food defense and food security. The quality checks start at the beginning- by knowing our raw materials and ingredients origins, knowing where they came from, transparency in supply chains, and receiving/shipping products to and from our loading docks.

Quality checks are performed at receiving, during production, and before the products leave our facility.

Our onsite lab continuously strives for excellence, and we continuously train our technicians and management in all microbiological and analytical testing. We perform regular internal audits to maintain consistent and effective methods to test for product integrity.

We also conduct 3rd party audits, annually, to ensure our system is working flawlessly and effectively.